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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The time has arrived to leave the hustle and bustle of Seattle, the road is once again calling my name to seek out new and interesting adventure. So, in the spirit of continual discovery, I head northward to the San Juan Islands. During my research of this popular tourist destination I learn the islands are actually eroded remnants of ancient mountain-tops, having lost their prominance long ago to the newer American mainland. Not surprisingly, the islands are quite hilly, the tallest hill, or rather mountain, being Mount Constitution, sits .5 miles high.

My final destination for the day? Friday Harbor, Washington. Located on the largest and most westerly of the San Juans, Friday Harbor is a small community of approximately 2000 permanent residents. On the island you'll find many a harbor and even a small airport if you wish to come and go via air. I've never been there before, but many a time I've heard people rave about its charm and natural beauty.

My route will take me due north then due west, and in the process the scenery will turn predominately country once I escape Seattle's grasp. Hopping onto Interstate 5 I make my way north. Nothing but boring interstate here so I'll spare you the sleepy details. Soon enough I leave the interestate then head west to Anacortes. Oh, right, I need to pick up a load of water. I had almost forgotten.

My potable water has run alarmingly low and I now find myself in dire need of my first fill up of the trip. I carry 10 gallons of water which lasts me about 5 days if I conserve it. To tank up with water all I have to do is find a gas station that provides water. The process is pretty simple. I just pull the water hose into the van and fill both water jugs.

On the way to Anacorte, WA where I'll pick up the ferry, the topography is flat and rather uninteresting.

I reach Anacorte, WA. While passing through I snap a couple of shots of the local architecture.

Just outside of Anacorte I find the ferry station. Traveling to an island means one has to either fly, take a boat, or swim to get there. Since I'm a poor swimmer and flying isn't an option for me, a ferry ride will do me just fine. The cost to go to San Juan Island is $39.50, that's a round trip fare. I wait around for about an hour, walk around a bit to pass the time before boarding.

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