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Thursday, July 15, 2004

I awoke feeling pretty good, not at all sore from the 50 miler the day before. I could have rode another 50 miles but today is a road trip day, time to put some van rubber to the road.

The time had arrived to blow the joint and jaunt up to Vancouver, BC. I had never been to Vancouver before but have heard really great things about it. My trip to Canada started with a ferry ride to Anacorte, WA, and from there it was basically a straight shot up I-5 to the border. From the border it was only another 30 miles to Vancouver's city center.

I boarded the ferry Chelan a little before noon for a non-stop trip to Anacordes, WA that lasted a little more than an hour.

When I sailed to San Juan Island two days earlier I stayed with my van during the trip, only stepping out periodically to snap pictures of the surrounding land and seascape. Today I've ventured into the interior of the ship to discover a huge refuge where passengers can leisurely sit or grab something to eat from the cafeteria.

Looking outside, the late morning fog still hadn't burned off, making visibility rather poor. There was still a little nip in the air.

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