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Friday, July, 16th 2004

I awoke to yet another sunny day, this time around I was in Canada and all geared up for a day of biking adventure. The neighborhood where I parked was not only high-end, it was also somewhat secluded which meant I wasn't parking right on someone's front doorstep. It's funny, I can't afford any of the homes in this neighborhood but I can effectively "live" there, if just for a little while.

After I ate breakfast I jumped on the mountain bike and toured a portion of waterfront Vancouver. My trek took me through the waterfront area then direct to Stanley Park located on a small penninsula northwest of city center. I rode once around the park then headed back to the public beach to catch the sunset.

Click here for more detail (and pictures) of my bike tour of Vancouver's waterfront.

Click here if you wish to take the two day world-wind tour of Vancouver. It includes the above bike tour plus a tour of Vancouver's Chinatown.

After finished my ride around Stanley park I locked up the bike and waited for the sun to set over English Bay. Being so close to all the nightlife action, literally a block away, many people were at the beach waiting and watching as well.

After the sun passed well over the horizon, I high-tailed it on foot up Denman Street then over to Nelson Street to check out the area's nightlife action. It was nearing 11pm but it was a Friday night so the streets were filled full of people, things were in full party swing.

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