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Monday, July 19th 2004

I didn't start my road trip to Spokane until later in the afternoon. I spent the morning and early afternoon adding content of the website. Made some progress but I was still behind the 8-ball.

The trip to Spokane Washington took me through some of the most scenic parts of Washington State. Had I let my GPS software calculate the route on its own, it would have taken me on the major highways, something that I try to avoid because you usually don't see a whole lot. So after some nudging, I got the software to take me through the North Cascades via SR-20, the North Cascades Highway.

On my way out of Vancouver I encountered a yard filled with strange orange plastic fencing. It seems the owner was protecting something but I'm not sure just what exactly that was.

On my way to the US Border. I started to worry a little, hoping I wouldn't have to go through another van search like I did when I entered Canada 4 days earlier.

And at this point I've got 4 days stubble on my face and head, certainly that isn't going to help my case.

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