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Monday, July 26, 2004

The day started out well enough. I figured I'd get a step-up on the website, prepping it for the day's activities. When the dust settled all went pretty well, seems I'm getting more efficient with the webmastering. I then followed up that success with a dismal failure. The previous evening I completed my updates for the day's road trip to Sandpoint, ID and planned to upload the updates from my laptop to the web server the next morning.

Foolish me. My site has been having intermittent problems for a while now, my host Globat seems to be pretty inept (seriously thinking about looking for another host), so when I attempted to connect to their web server I got an error. So I called them but of course they said everything was working fine which wasn't true. I then checked the site and found it was exceedingly slow and sometimes it wouldn't respond at all. Needless to say I was pretty frustrated, thinking hateful thoughts about Globat and the general state of things. The only thing I could do was blow off some steam on the gnarly mountain bike ride I had planned for the day.

From Sandpoint, ID the bike trail was a close 4 miles away to the south. The tail-end of the ride took me through a scenic, winding road.

I arrived soon thereafter at the trailhead and parked the van. God it was a hot day. I had waited too long, it was around 4:30pm and probably the peak time of the day for temperature, oh well...

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