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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I finally got all caught up on my sleep. I headed to Sandpoint City Beach and cooked a breakfast of scrambled eggs and oatmeal. Then went over to Starbucks to webmaster the site, adding content covering the previous day's activities. Later in the afternoon I pushed off to Montana, destination Kalispell.

As the bird flies it's a little more than 100 miles to Kalispell from Sandpoint. Unfortunately not being a bird, I found myself stuck driving the van and at the mercy of government's road planning ways. The quickest way to get there is to head north towards Canada for a bit then swing downward due southeast, then east, effectively adding an additional 80 miles or so to the trip.

There was quite a bit of haze on the way out of Sandpoint, ID and it hung around for pretty much the rest of the trip. I wondered if there were forest fires burning somewhere, belching out smoke and contributing to the poor visibility. As I drove to Kalispell, MT the Forest Service's "Smokey the Bear" signs were successively warning me of fire danger. In the areas I drove through the indicator hand (looks a little like the Twister's spinnable color indicator) was always pointed to either moderate to high.

Dinner time had arrived so I got a large ham sub and ate it whilst driving. I was steering with my left knee in this picture. I'm pretty good at driving with no hands and can navigate around shallow curves in a pinch.

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Hope Diamond, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC
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Big Sur, CA
Hovering Seagull, Fort Allen Park, Portland, ME
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