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Thursday, July 29, 2004

The previous day's ride really wiped me out, so much so I slept in until around 11am. As I woke another sunny day greeted me with open arms. So far my trip has been rain free, each day pretty much a carbon copy of the previous, sunny to partly sunny and warm. The evenings have been great as well, all have been cool enough to ensure a good night's slumber.

My initial plan was to drive all the way to Bozeman, MT but my late start forced a revision, I'd only go as far as the state's capital, Helena, MT. The capital is about 100 miles northwest of Bozeman and making that my destination effectively chopped about 2 hours from my travel time. Two edicts I've adopted for this trip is to never push myself more than I have to and to be very flexible.

The trip itself would take me back up the mountainside to Logan Pass, then down to St Mary. From there it would be predominately a southward shot all the way to Helena.

As I prepared my departure a Park Ranger pulled up alongside my van. For the longest time he was just sitting there in his car, luring me into thinking he had no interest in me. Boy was I wrong. Long story short, he let me off on a warning. I had misunderstood where I could and could not car-camp.

As I pulled onto the roadway a biker passed me by with all his belongings in tow. Every time I see a cyclist I feel a certain kindred connection and wonder what stories they may have to tell about their adventures.

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