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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

I woke at 8am with plans to leave Bozeman. I was free to head-out and accumulate more trip adventure, having completed all updates to the website through August 3rd. Before I could leave for Yellowstone, my next destination, I had to write a few postcards, find a post office for stamps, and then replenish my potable water reserves exhausted from 3 days of steady water use.

Finding a water source proved the most challenging. Not knowing the lay-of-the-land when it comes to gas stations in Bozeman, I found myself driving hither and yon, looking for a station that had water service. I finally found an Exxon but I had to fill from a 100-foot hose that was used to irrigate the grounds. Had I looked much longer, my alternative plan was to knock on someone's door and ask to use their hose. I suspect before this cross-country trip comes to a conclusion, I will have knocked on a few doors in search of nature's cool refreshment.

Finally all tasks were completed and I headed out to Yellowstone. My route took me due east on I-90 then due south on Rt-98 all the way to Mammoth Hot Springs, my first site within the park. Since it was around noon when I departed I found myself feeling somewhat apprehensive about getting a campsite when I arrived. July and August are peak season in the park, even on weekdays.

Passing through downtown Bozeman on my way out.

Jumping onto I-90 I was immediately surprised by the passing scenery, it wasn't half bad. Driving the Interstate is usually a boring experience but the drive proved acceptable in the all important eye-candy category.

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