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Y E L L O W S T O N E   -   D A Y   # 1

Thursday, August 5, 2004

My first full day at Yellowstone was going to be a busy one so I woke early and headed out of the campgrounds.

My travels today would take me south a little ways to Norris Junction, where the Norris Geysers and Norris Campgrounds are located.

Before leaving I deposited my registration tag into the drop box located at the entrance. The rules are you had to vacate your site before 10am or else... Hmmm, don't know what they would have done if I was late, probably nothing.

I headed up the hill to Mammoth Hot Springs, my first stop of the day.

On the way I stopped and snapped a shot of Mt Everts. Standing at 7800 feet, it towers 2000 feet above the Gardiner River that flows by the bottom of its western slope. At the campgrounds this mountain was the predominate feature when looking eastward.

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