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Friday, August 6, 2004

My goal for the day was to see all of the Park's remaining major sights. Up to this point, I had seen only 2 of the 7 sights, Mammoth Hot Springs and Norris Geyser Basin. Those that remained included 1) Fountain Paint Pot Area, 2) Old Faithful Area, 3) West Thumb Geyser Basin, 4) Mud Volcano, 5) Canyon Area. It was an aggressive plan so I took great care in plotting my route to eliminate all unnecessary driving.

My route started from the Norris Campground, taking me on a counter-clockwise spin around the park. In the end after all the road dust settled, I ran out of daylight and wasn't able to see the Canyon Area, that would have to wait until tomorrow. The dogleg up and out of the Park to Gardiner, MT was taken to avoid paying the $14 campsite fee. It wasn't that far of a drive and I had to be up in that part of the Park anyway for the two hikes I was planning to take the next day.

While getting ready I accidentially broke my camping mirror. Ooops, does that mean I'll have 7 years of bad luck? If I had my druthers, I'd just do without mirrors all together, they are such a hassle. That got me to thinking, would the world be a better place if people didn't use mirrors so much?

Click here for more detail on my mirror revelation.

The day started with sharing my breakfast with a chipmunk. I would throw a piece of dried fruit out the van's double doors and it would scurry up, sniff, grab and run. He repeated this cycle over and over. I tried to see where he was going but he disappeared over a hill. He must have been building his food cache somewhere. I probably shouldn't have fed him but it was only dried fruit, its not like it was a candy bar or crack cocaine. Although a chipmunk on crack would be interesting to see.

After breakfast I said my goodbyes to the very happy chipmunk and hit the road. My first destination for the day was the Fountain Paint Pot Area Trail.

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