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Sunday August 22, 2004

Woke up early in the morning and quickly formulated a plan to drive out to the Badlands. I wanted to get out of Rapid City, SD as soon as possible due to all the problems I had been having with the town's cops. I had been pressing my luck having overnighted again. My route would take me due east then due south. The trip itself would be a short one and I was hoping to fit in a bike ride before sundown.

The drive started out pretty boring, watching paint dry on the wall would have been more entertaining.

Then a curious thing started to happen. There were all these signs for Wall Drug popping up along the road side. I swear, there must have been more that 50 signs along the stretch of highway between Rapid City, SD and Wall, SD. Normally I find highway billboards annoying but this Wall Drug was so persistent with their advertising, it piqued my interest. I mean what could be so interesting about a drug store?

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