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I look forward to every installment you make! I love to look at the pictures and read the "stories" that go with them! Keep up the great work I am enjoying "my trip" around the US.
Thomas Wommack | Email
Batavia NY
Activities: Fly Fishing
Vacations: Florida....I am from NY you know LOL

Hey Jeff, just cleaning my email and ran across one of your notes. Looking at your map, I see you missed Nebraska and just can't figure out why you would have skipped such a great place? :-) Neat to see your statistics and all the interesting tid bits you threw in the website. Nice work. I think your next trip needs to be through Europe as I would be very interested to see your perspective, photos and stories roaming through the various countries. Perhaps you can start a "jeffseuropeadventure.com" fundraiser on the web. Maybe sell the idea on eBay like the guy who sold advertising space on his forehead. Might work, you never know. (you could be the next Rick Steves) Catch you later, Scott
Scott Witt

I am sitting here with your Mom & Dad at my Bed & Breakfast (vineyardviewbnb.com) here in Hood River. Congratulations on your adventure. If you ever get to hood river please look us up, we would love to check out your van. Best Regards, David Peterson
David Peterson | Email
Hood River OR United States
Activities: windsurfing, mountain biking, kitesurfing, snowboarding, whitewater kayaking and soaking in hot springs
Vacations: hawaiian islands, oregon coast, surfing baja and california

It has been too many moons since I've seen the sunset from the airplane window, and the around the states trip has been a desire of mine yet unfulfilled. Thanx for the pseudo trip. Laurel
Laurel | Email
Portland OR USA
Activities: gardening or scootering
Vacations: backpack in Europe or the Costa Rica trip

Jeff, I have very much enjoyed reading about your adventures and looking at your beautiful pictures. My two sons (ages 7, 9) have also enjoyed it - they ask, when can we go look at the website with the great travel pictures. You have inspired my desire to travel and show my family the USA. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading your updates as you load new information. Welcome home.
Edie Dorn (Sequent 1994-2002)
Portland OR

Great Job! Enjoyed watching your travels. CONGRATULATIONS and welcome back.
Cousin Mary Frances

Welcome home been a while since I have been to PDX area. Some things I miss others Im glad are gone! Will be looking for work again shortly I hope the economy is ready for me! Cant seem to get to the east coast these days....
Will | Email
Vacations: My Sabatical 2003...

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