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Terrific website. The pics are wonderful. I haven't been on in a while so I have lots to catch-up on. Nice to see so many keeping up with your progress. Too bad you couldn't be on Letterman for doing this. I am truly honored to be counted as one of your friends and am so glad you came to visit. Take care and be safe!! Love ya XXX000XXX.
Sofia Cruz | Email
Buffalo NY USA
Activities: Anything when it's not too cold
Vacations: Tropical ones like the Dominican Republic, Florida, etc

Hey Jeff we might be going in New Orlean with my sister and Nora on the 18th of November... are you going to be close ? Call us man, take it easy !!! PS: great job on the web site
Thierry POQUET | Email | URL
Vancouver WA USA
Activities: What is that ?
Vacations: Don't understand the concept..yet

November 5th Hi Jeff, OK you only have $43 left....maybe you need to be thinking about turning in pop cans you find along the road...hopefully the state you are in is doing that kind of recycling. Of course there is the Blood bank...or maybe you should become an entertainer and show your pictures for a fee...just some thoughts on how to make a buck. I loved the pictures of fall foliage, the Korean War memorial which I have saw a few years back and thought it was the most emotional of them all. The fish chairs I smiled at...the eraser sculpture in Wash DC...well I lost a $5 bet on that...I'll tell you the full story later. Keep up the fun cuz this is a trip you will never forget and will form the future and how you look at it forever. Ciao, Linda
linda blevins | Email
portland or us
Activities: biking, hiking
Vacations: italy of course

Oct 17th,2004 Hi Jeff, Sounds like you are still having a great time. I must admit I enjoy the oddities,revelations and mishaps so much. Keep up the good work. I just finish my mini "road trip" to Northern Calif traveling down HWY 101. I road my bike on "the Avenue of the Giants" and that was great. I kayaked in Trinidad, CA with some of my friends but the rest of the trip was just like you..solo..which can be fun at times. I slowly came back up HWY 101 and stopped when I felt like I thought I should see the city or bike ride, or just look at the ocean. The northern part of CA and southern OR on HWY101 is some of the prettiest driving. Well take care and keep me posted on your travels. Ciao, Linda Blevins
Linda Blevins | Email
Portland OR USA
Activities: Biking and hiking

Jeff, Awesome site! The pictures ARE worth a thousand words. Have fun, stay safe, and return home with a van full of memories that will last a lifetime! I admire your courage for attempting this. You will never regret it. Stay in touch.
Faith Clark | Email
Buffalo NY USA

Well Im still in texas for a little while longer....Thought I would spare you the junk details you already have them... If I am still in TX when you get here look me up,or perhaps I can come to you, I will email a number and address... But I am trying to tranfer to Boston before the short term gig is up! Probably pass you on the 30/40 or 81 someplace... What's it been a year nearly since we talked over breakfast..Happy trip to you and be safe, watch the weather dont be caught in the snow some place like the mountain... Be Safe..
William | Email

jeff, nice site. My family and I have just hosted the parentunit for a few days and in fact it was your mother who showed me your adventure. I will visit often as I do not think I will get to see all the places you visit for real. (the fact your mom told me to do this is not pertinent!). best wishes cs.
chris shirt | Email
gt. yarmouth uk
Activities: aviation, running
Vacations: tours of usa!

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