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We enjoyed visiting with you Jeff. You are welcome to come back whenever you need or want to. And to answer the English fellow-----yes!!!! Miss Betty is bossy but has a kind heart. Take it from a very good friend. Hey Jeff where are all the flattering photos of the 3 of us.? Keep in touch .....
June Martino | Email
oakfield NY usa
Activities: Watercolor painting and sketching, walking (3mi.), gardening
Vacations: anywhere I can paint....but Florida changed my life after visiting

Jeff, You look great and it sounds like you are having the time of your life. I can only say that I am about as jealous as someone could be. I was thinking a Winnebago across America would be cool, but this is awesome. I am inspired that you are doing this for yourself and by yourself. The pictures are incredible, but I would like to see you in a couple. I hope you get to see everything you want to see. Have a safe journey!!!
Karen (Bulmahn) Kirbis | Email
Clarence Center NY USA
Activities: Running, swimming, hiking
Vacations: Bahamas, Myrtle Beach, Sherkston, Robert H Treeman State Park

Jeff, We are currently hosting Mamma and Pappa DRILLING fresh from the colonies! Your father helped to teach me to fly in sunny Florida way back in 1990. We had a great time and at long last your parents have come to visit. I've heard all about your adventures and wish I was travelling with you. Blow part of your budget on some flying and it would be my perfect trip. By the way...are you bossy like your mother? Happy and safe travels. Best wishes from the George family.
Allan GEORGE | Email
Corsham England
Activities: Aviation, Trekking
Vacations: Anything with aviation or trekking involved!

You are having the best time of your life I can tell. It is a very wonderful thing you are doing for your self. Keep on going we are all taking the trip with you via your photos and info. Good luck my friend. Larry, Larry.
Larry Rader | Email
West Palm Beach FL

I think the website has been dandy. Hope you are having fun, sounds as though you are. I will bet you cant wait to get home though being away from home can be exhausting. Unless your like me homeless until I find a place tp call home If I ever stay in a place long enough!!!!...
William Ingersoll | Email
Vacations: Most definitly Europe....

Have a great trip. Stop and visit me if you can.
Peter Lockner | Email
Tijeras NM USA
Activities: Flying, Watching Grandkids (outdoors), Walking in the Mountains
Vacations: Antigua with your parents

Jeff, just paint the phrase "INTERNET TERRORIST" in big letters on one side of your van, and "PORN SURFER" on the other ... I'm sure the neighbors and cops will leave you alone then. :-) -Kenric
Kenric L. Ashe | URL
Portland OR USA
Activities: Hiking, Paddleboating, Disc Golfin', Wireless Internet Connection Stealing ;-)
Vacations: Most memorable vacations for me: Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Bar Harbor (Maine), Victoria, Boston, NYC (before AND after I lived there :-)

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