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I just spent about a day with Jeff in Buffalo, and I remembered how much I enjoyed spending time with him when we both hung out in Buffalo. It's nice to have a sincere and caring friend. Anyways, I wish you the best on your journey and I respect your guts for doing what so many people would like to do but never do.
Mike Fagnan | Email
Buffalo NY USA
Activities: Hiking,Golf, Tennis and beaches
Vacations: The mountains or beaches

Though I am not a "big drinker", I would like to propose a toast to Jeff. He is doing what the rest of us only dream about. Jeff will not only have the opportunity to see this great country, many people will have the chance to meet this really fine person. And to Jeff, as Garrison Keillor says: "Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch."
Craig Haller | Email
Buffalo NY USA
Activities: Walking
Vacations: Puerto Rico

Hey Jeff, my mom (Aunt Chris) told me of your awesome adventure last night, so I had to jump onto your website. Wow, its been just about forever since I saw you last. What you are doing is so cool and I hope you see and do everything that you ever wanted! I too am on my own adventure of sorts...in the US Air Force, stationed in Italy...not too shabby :) Hey, when your done with this adventure, I invite you to come out here and travel Europe. I can see you driving a wee Fiat and dining on rich platters of the finest Italian cuisine (oh yeah, the Fiat will much better on the petro than the van!) Take care Jeff and hope to see all of the Drilling clan soon. Drive safe.
Diane Smith, USAF | Email
Aviano Italy
Activities: Hiking Swiss Alps, X-country running, enjoying nature
Vacations: So far...standing on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, seeing Michealangelo's David in Florence, Lugano Switzerland, and Venice (basically all of Europe!!!)

Dude: The Web site's awesome. Thanks for including me in your wild adventure. Mine's going great, and here at the beginning of September I find myself in Santa Fe, a fantastic city. So much has happened on this trip; I've already written 400 pages in my journal and I'm still going strong. I hope to return to Maine by late this month. May our paths cross again, my friend. Best wishes, Brian P.S. This is the former copy editor speaking, but the animal that ate my shirt was a mountain goat, not a bighorn sheep. No big deal, man.
Brian Robitaille aka People Met # 11
Portland ME USA

Your trip sounds like you are having a great adventure. I did a road trip in a van back in the 1970's and loved it. I look forward to seeing you when you arrive back in Oregon but keep the adventure going for as long as possible.
Linda Blevins | Email
Portland OR usa
Activities: Biking and hiking
Vacations: anything with the above activities involved...and traveling to Italy of course

Hey Jeff, I so enjoyed reading through your Adventure,,, The Biking Bio made me laugh so hard,,, You brought back so many memories from my past reading through it. I too skidded my bike on hot summer days to get that cool screeching sound,, We had Neighbood Jump contests (we jumped over our friends laying on the ground). I also remember the many tube aneurysm's. Have a Safe & Fun trip.. Thanks for making me laugh, and bringing back my own bike memories
Chris Larson | Email | URL
Vancouver WA
Activities: Playing baseball with my Son,, Boating with the Family

Wow! What inspiration! Sounds like you're enjoying yourself. This is something I could only wish to do. Perhaps after my kids are safely enscounced in college and I have some time for myself. Too cool! Keep up the updates.
Tom Edwards | Email
Portland OR USA
Activities: Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Golf...
Vacations: Camping in Yosemite.

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