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good luck !! say hello to your parents for me
buck hilchey

Hey Jeff! Excellent sight. I've done a couple of cross country trips myself (NY to CA and back again - one north route, one south) and it really is amazing... I would recommend it to anyone. I'm currently on my own European Adventure and was checking out your site for ideas. I don't think that I'm nearly that advanced, but I'm loving EVERYTHING that you've done. Enjoy yourself and stay safe!
Rebecca Korzatkowski | Email
Heinsberg Germany
Activities: Kayaking
Vacations: European

Jeff- Great Job. I picked up cycling about 5 years ago to get in shape now I am a spinning instructor and love to ride. If you stop in Rochester let me know, we can do a ride together. CARPE DIEM!!!! I'll keep watching
Ray Poole | Email
Rochester NY USA
Activities: Cycling/Hunting/Fishing
Vacations: Mountain biking in UTAH's Bryce Canyan and Zion National parks

Was in your high school class and read about it in the newsletter. Great to see the pictures and read about it. I dream of doing the same, and hope you will inspire me to do so.
Karen Seward | Email
Delmar NY USA
Activities: Hiking, fishing
Vacations: Canadian Rockies, Adirondack Mountains

Good luck with your adventure. Hope some of the US geography you learned in fifth grade social studies helps keep you from getting lost:) My wife and I visited the Portland area in August of 95 when we took our younger daughter, Jamee, out to Reed College. We were there again in May of 99 for her graduation. The Portland area is beautiful!
Jerry Foster | Email
Batavia NY USA

It's getting better everytime I look at it Jeff, I love the opening picture. What happenned to your hair? Is that what fresh air does to you or is your helmet too tight? We will have a lot to talk about when you come back, take care.
Thierry | Email | URL
Vancouver WA Clark
Activities: If only I had one
Vacations: Hawai

I am working for DHS, Homeland Security. I will return to Stanford in late August to finish my program then it's off to a permanent job. Have fun on your vacation.. be safe!!!
William Ingersoll | Email
San Jose CA USA
Vacations: Hasta be europe.....

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