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Hi Jeff, You are doing an amazing job with the trip and this site! We love experiencing this with you, just like we are hiding in the van! Keep on "trucking" and know we are wishing you well! Be safe and stay strong! We miss you, so, it's great to have this site to refer to! Hugs, R n' R
Rebecca and Richard Duncan | Email
Beaverton OR USA
Activities: You know, gardening, walking, drinking wine, visiting friends \"/
Vacations: The last place we visited and the next one to come!

Hi Jeff, The other members of the Monster Van Crew are enjoying the trip along with you as you cross the United States and eventually return to Portland, Oregon. The next best thing to being along for the ride is reading your daily trip journals and seeing your great pictures. You have worked hard for this once in a lifetime opportunity, Jeff, and we are so happy for you. We know that keeping the website up to date takes a lot of time away from your "vacation". Those of us who follow along with you, will, through your website, see the America few people ever get to visit. Enjoy your adventure and return safely to the headquarters of the Monster Van Crew.
The Hammer and The Needle | Email
Beaverton OR USA
Activities: Flying, gardening, photography, travel
Vacations: Visits to Western New York, Antigua in the Caribbean and a European Tour.

Jeff, Take care and a safe journey my friend....
Paul J. Ponicsan | Email
Denver CO USA
Activities: Cruising on my motorcycle, hiking, cycling, just hanging out!

It is so exciting to read about your travels and keep and update on your progress. Have forwarded your travel e-mail address to our son, Larry as he is very interested and will keep close tabs on your adventures.
Dorothy and Bob Basom | Email | URL
Ramona Ca USA
Activities: Have small vegetable garden, lawn to care for and flower beds front and back for color. Involved in church activities. Had field trip yesterday to Old Town July 27
Vacations: Since moving to Ca. our favorite vacations is flying back east to visit our families and grandchildren. Travelled by Rv for 6 years from coast to coast to visit highlights, spending 4 mo. in winter months in Ca. and driving east in the summer months. Then we bought here. With Larrys' smaller trailer, we have taken several trips here, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Yosemite, Yellowstone

Great site Jeff. My wife Gail and I are enjoying your trip and look forward to your many encounters. Jay and Gail P.S. Used to fly with your Dad in Florida
Jay K. Nichols | Email
Lantana FL USA
Activities: Hiking, Biking, Boating, Harley Davidson riding
Vacations: Western USA in the mountians

Enjoy your extended trip. We all dream of such an adventure but most of us never take the time to do it. Gene Haines
Eugene Haines | Email
Albion NY

Have a wonderful and safe journey... :-)
Danhong Ma | Email
Portland OR USA

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