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Hey Jeff, Your site is amazing! I've been really enjoying sitting in the virtual back seat with you on your trip. The people, the places (the monster skid marks!), your sense of humor, and your writing style are making this my favorite site. And I'm not just saying that because you're my brother (who I did NOT push down a hill on a bike without telling him how to use the brakes, by the way). Can't wait to see where you'll go and what you'll see next. Safe journeys!
Teresa Drilling | Email
Bristol United Kingdom
Activities: Hiking, Dancing, Four Square, Gardening, Camping, Picnicking, Rafting
Vacations: A week in rural Turkey, a week at Oregon Country Fair, trips to Europe, and camping in the NW.

Hi Jeff, haven't seen you in a long!!!!!!!!!!!!time. Talk via Email to Betts and Dick. Sounds like you are living your dream for sure. We hope you have lots of fun along the way. Be safe! Bye for now, Shirley and Art
Art & Shirley Koert | Email
Batavia NY USA

Hi Jeff this is your Rochester MOM checking in with you to let you know I will be checking your web page regularly. I will be tracking your adventure, and keeping you in our thoughts for a SAFE journey. I am very proud of you for taking on such a journey of our wonderful USA. I have seen most what you will see on this trip and you are in for a wonderfula dventure. PS I expect to see you in Rochester when you hit the New York area. Just mail me when you get near by. Marilyn Mlock@aol.com
Marilyn and Ernie Coleman | Email
Rochester NY USA
Activities: Sailing,Skiing,
Vacations: traveling thr World Over with Ernie

Dear Jeff: I am soooooooo impressed by the adventures you are taking on that I even invited my friends to share your journey. Oops, hope you don't mind. :) I just think it is so exciting! Good luck with everything. Please make a lot of entries and take a lot pictures! I will be following you all the way. All the best, Jennifer
Jennifer Kang | Email
Fairfax VA USA
Activities: Swimming, Hiking

Jeff, I was wowed by this site and your adventures. You are living out so many people's dreams. Good luck! Hope to see you on the road.
Monica Wooten | Email
New York NY USA
Activities: Running, hiking, camping
Vacations: Everywhere

Jeff - I wish you best wishes on your long sought after adventure. I'm glad you are finally doing it. I am envious for sure. Look forward to checking back on the site to see where your adventure leads. Take care for now - Sean
Sean Payne | Email
Portland OR USA
Activities: surfing, soccer, cycling/mt-biking, hiking, hanging out at a local park
Vacations: Sydney, Australia; Looking forward to a trek through Europe

Have a good trip!
Todd Hepp | Email
Portland OR USA
Activities: Skiing (water & snow) Boating, Camping, Riding my 5 speed (yes, I'm the neighbor)
Vacations: Trips with Family. Rugby Trips to Tailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Fiji.

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