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Jeff hope you are doing well. And want to thank you for the enjoyable company in California. And frankly, I think if it wasn't for you I never would've gotten into the Jay Leno Show on New Year's Eve! It was great meeting you. I am back home with snow and single digit temps. And back to work. I will check back with your site off and on to see how you are doing. Leonard,,,Iowa
Leonard Sinnwell | Email
Nashua Ia
Vacations: Glacier Park,Montana Atlanta, Ga. Las Vegas, California Padre Island

Hi there, Adventurer. We know that you have not had time to update your site because you still have many places to visit before your arrival back in Portland in January. We, members of the Adventure Garage Design & Build Crew, know that you are now on the way to California. It won't be long now and everyone who has been following your trip will get to enjoy your adventurers, the updated statistics, the oddities, the revelation AND the mishaps that have occured since your last full report...Ben and Jerry's in Vermont. We can hardly wait.:-) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Hammer and The Needle | Email
Beaverton OR
Vacations: Oregon when we lived in Western New York State, WNY State now that we live in Oregon, Europe and by far our favorite, our recent trip to England.

Im glad to see things are going well. I to have also discovered the world of writting and reading literture. I bet it will be a shock to get back home and back to the "the race to see how much I need to get done to go nowhere" The nowhere is sometimes once you have achieved it it toke so long you cant rememeber why you did it in the first place. I have learned many thing on my jouney 2004 as well...about friends and about trusting myself and planning. Be careful on the last segment of road the one that takes you home you might just shift your attention to other things like what you need to do when you get there. Instead of watching the road. Will
William Ingersoll | Email
Irving TX

Met Jeff in Idaho Springs, CO ...before it started to snow, but AFTER the rockslide that blocked I-70 at Glenwood Canyon. We invited him to dinner with us at Beau Jo's Pizza with myself, my wife Diane, my father-in-law Gordon Hurd of Austin, TX, and my two sons Paul and David. We really enjoyed meeting you, Jeff! You are an excellent example of living in the NOW: No Opportunity Wasted Godspeed, -Bud
Bud Sloniger | Email | URL
Bailey CO USA
Activities: skiing (snow and water), mountain biking, light hiking, sailing, horeback riding
Vacations: Crested Butte, CO; Lake Travis, TX; Greers Ferry Lake, AR

Hi Jeff, Glad to hear you are still enjoying the adventure. Even though there are some uncomfortable moments those will turn into funny stories when you arrive home and the bad parts will fade. You will be a changed man when you arrive back to reality...that was to be expected if you think about it. Only you know what you will do with this new man and what was learned on this adventure. I look forward to sharing a glass of wine and hearing about what you learned. Take care and enjoy the last 1/3 of the trip as if it was the first 1/3. Ciao, Linda Blevins
linda Blevins | Email
Portland or usa
Activities: biking of course

Jeff, You can park overnight in the car parking section of truckstops and you will practically never be bothered. They also have 24 hour a day restaurants. Also for about $6 you can use a private shower room complete with soap and towels. It will reduce your encounters with the men in blue.
Paul Slish | Email

Jeff, My wife, Charlie, and I wanted to let you know how interesting it was to meet you. To refresh your memory (or to clear the haze of the night), we met you in the French Quarter at the Cat's Meow on 11-12-04. I've enjoyed your web site and the wonderful pictures you've taken of your trip thus far. Well, I'll end by wishing you continued good fortunes and safe travels. Rene'
Rene' Marques | Email
Mobile AL

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