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Vancouver, British Columbia

Friday, July 16, 2004

Bike: #5

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Distance: N/A

Climb Elevation: N/A

Tread: Paved street, paved trail

Ride Miles/Time/Avg/Max: 19.3/1:58:02/9.8/22.2

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This is my first visit to Vancouver, British Columbia. My GPS software only covers the Continental United States, so other than a small roadmap I bought last evening while driving around half-lost looking for directions, I have no other detailed information about the city. Looking at the map for a venue I spy a pretty nice waterfront area that looks interesting enough. So, with my interest sufficiently piqued, I decide to make it my biking destination. It's not far from where I've overnighted on the street so soon I'll be there to soak up the sights and sounds.

Vancouver proved to be a very modern looking city on the drive in last night. It's also pretty huge compared to what I'm used to. It appears to be larger than Seattle, Washington, my last toured city. There is something about large cities that I find really appealing. Maybe it's the positive, busy energy they give off because of all the fun things to see and do.

Sitting atop my mountain bike, I can feel the energy now, coursing through my handlebars and on into me. It's as if my bicycle is acting like a large antenna and it's tuned into Vancouver's waterfront. Well, no time to waste, come with me as I start my tour!

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