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Acadia National Park
Central Maine Coast

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Bike: #18

Location: In Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, ME.

Park Website: Acadia National Park

Distance: 22 miles

Climb Elevation: 1120 feet

Tread: Carriage Road

Ride Miles/Time/Avg/Max: 21.23/2:04:01/10.3/25.5

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Wrapped around and running through the heart of Maine's Acadia National Park you'll find 45 miles of wide and well-maintained horse carriage roads. Designed, financed, and constructed by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. between 1913 and 1940, only non-motorized vehicles are allowed to traverse these wonderful forested byways.

Today I have plans to ride a portion of Acadia's Carriage Road System. To aid me in this outdoor endeavor I'll be bringing along both my mountain bike and a wild spirit of adventure as I explore the offerings of this earthen-surfaced national treasure. Mother Nature is serving up a plate of severe clear for me, and with figurative fork held firmly in hand, I now find myself ready to gorge myself on the day's bright sunshine during my two-wheeled jaunt over roads less traveled.

I'm all saddled up and ready to go! Come along with me as I ride hither and yon on Acadia's Carriage Road System.

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