F A V O R I T E   M I S H A P S

It sounds rather deranged to think about what one's favorite mishaps are. Mishaps are supposed to be a bad thing, there should be no favorites, right? Well, that's not quite true. You can certainly have a favorite mishap, perhaps because it was a mistake that you learned from, and as a result, made you a stronger, wiser person. Perhaps a favorite mishaps is fertile fodder for an interesting and entertaining story that gets told time and time again, much to the displeasure of loved ones who may have already heard the story a million times.

Past mishaps aren't particularly something that should be forgotten, they are just part of life. The key is to just be a good student and learn by their instruction.

Here are my favorite mishaps, tabulated by the masochistic part of my psyche.

Idiotic Road Rash Butterfly Rescue Cart Crash Wedged Rooftop

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Jackson Square and Saint Louis Cathedral, French Quarter, New Orleans, LA
Mean Streak, Cedar Point, OH
Avid Photographer, Public Garden, Boston, MA
Surf’s Up Dude, Mission Beach, CA
World War II Memorial, Washington, DC
Sea Otter, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA
Echo Lake, Acadia National Park, ME
Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, Washington, DC
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island
Grand Canyon, AZ
Hiking up Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, ME
Fountain Paint Pot, Yellowstone
Hope Diamond, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC
Petrified Logs, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC