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Southern Maine

Saturday, October, 17, 2004

Hike: #8

Location: In Southern Maine near Bridgton, ME.

Website: Pleasant Mountain

Distance: 4.6 miles

Elevation Change: 1457 feet

Tread: Forest path, slick rock

Miles/Time/Avg: 4.6/2:15:00/NA

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Click here for 3-D Video
of Pleasant Mountain.

The highest mountain (2,006 feet above sea level) in Southern Maine, Pleasant Mountain is a point of interest to hikers, hunters, birdwatchers, snowmobilers, and skiers. Not surprisingly, the area supports a variety of interesting flora and fauna as well. My friend Bill suggests that Monica and I give the ole mountain a looksee. Being the highest point, it should provide an excellent overlook to the surrounding forest that is currently near peak in color.

Monica and I are ready to hike the mountain. Come along with us!

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