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Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Washington State

Friday, July 9, 2004

I've found wearing a watch is a very useful thing, especially when you go biking. So wearing it on my trip's first bike ride (Lewis River) was no exception. So I strapped on my good ole watch and off I went. I check my watch from time to time so I know, well the time of course. At some point during my trek I looked down and guess what? Exactly, the bike computer convinced the watch to take a mini vacation as well. Earlier in the ride I lost my bike computer but went back and luckily found it.

Now to lose and find two important things on one day (I also lost and found my wallet) is unusual. Past experience has shown me it's practically impossible to lose and find three important things in one day. But the nearly impossible happened to me that day, I found it. I was floored when I saw it. An important maxum that was reinforced in me that day is when you lose something of value, you always have to go back and at least try to find it, regardless of the odds of finding it. This principal should not only be applied to things, but to relationships as well.

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