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Northeastern Wyoming

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

In South Dakota on my way to Devil's Monument I passed by a dead fawn on the shoulder of the road. After passing it by I drove on for a few miles, all the while thinking about the sad sight I had just encountered. With heart heavy in hand, I turned the van around and went back to the accident site. It just didn't seem right for the fawn to be on the shoulder like that. It was really sad. It had been dead for a little while for it smelled pretty bad and the maggots were in full swing. I decided to drag it into the ditch and had I had a shovel I would have certainly buried it. I hate seeing such things. Perhaps my hiding it would spare others the same sad, gruesome experience.

During the course of my trip I saw a number of dead animals along the way. That's the way it goes, one cannot help but rack-up road-kill sightings when traveling such long distances. By far, the dead fawn sticks to mind the most. Maybe because it was a baby or perhaps because it wasn't mangled and disfigured. It looked almost alive to me, just needing me to pull over and gently shake it back to life.

Inspite of all my road-kill encounters, I'm happy to say that aside from the multitude of bugs that I undoubtedly mashed on all my van's leading surfaces, I didn't hit a single animal in my travels.

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