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Mount Rainier National Park
Washington State

Sunday, July 11, 2004

To my absolute amazement, while waiting for the sun to set during a photo shoot of Mt Rainier, I stumbled across a number of ancient motifs burned into the ground while hiking to the shoot location. After seeing them, I started to wonder about these ancient people, where they at all like us? Maybe finding themselves in need of ways to fight boredom by filling in the empty spaces of waiting with unusual activities? Well, I guess we'll never know, it's all speculation now.

Here is the collection of 4 motifs I managed to uncover while I was waiting for the sun to set. I've named them, that's what folks who discover stuff do. From left to right, we have 1) Eye of Extended Mystery, 2) Lengthy Impatience, 3) Stride of Life, 4) Fertility Lost.

Based on the last motif, I think I know what happened to this primative culture. My theory is the men had a generic mutation that forced all the women into hiding and thus the reproduction cycle was permanently severed. So maybe size does matter, at least in the realms of maintaining a culture's population.

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