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San Juan Island, Washington

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

We've all seen free stuff advertised on the side of the road. People will haul just about anything out to the street and try to get someone to take if off their hands. Sometimes the motivation is not having to pay someone to take it away. Because if it's free, it's gotta be worth at least looking at, right? One man's trash is another person's treasure they say. I've seen free couches, chairs, bedding, bikes, clothes, you name it. But a house? This is a first.

While biking I saw this single-wide trailer with the "FREE HOUSE TRAILER" sign on it and did a double-take. Too bad I didn't take a closer look, probably would have provided more amusement. It's actually pretty sweet, don't you think? It has an antiqued look about it and its sporting a two-toned paint scheme as well. I wonder if the owner would throw in the plywood sign to help cover the leaks that are undoubtedly present in the roof.

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