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Central Montana

Thursday, July 29, 2004

While driving the big sky highway betweeen Glacier National Park and Helena, MT I encountered this unusual apparition. There was no plaque announcing its purpose or intent, leaving the viewer to formulate their own theory as to its meaning. It was some sort of theme piece. Made completely from recycled car parts, it appears to be a tribute to the Indians who were once indigenous to Detroit, Michigan? If so, what is it doing way out in Montana?

After a closer look, I noticed the car parts were from vintage cars, cars at least 40 years old. I really liked the steel cable/wire simulated horsehair. My guess as to the identity of the artist? The artist was male, probably a Blackfoot Indian (I was in Blackfoot country), a car mechanic who has a good measure of artistic talent, welding skills, and a surplus of old car parts he earmarked over the years for this masterpiece, his tribute to his people.

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