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Yellowstone National Park
Northwestern Wyoming

Thursday, August 5, 2004

While exiting the trail of Yellowstone's Norris Geyser Basin, I ran across these three vending machines in the parking lot. I didn't know Coca-Cola had diversified their product-line to include water as well as buffalo milk. The market for bottled water is huge so that's a good move on their part but I question the demand for buffalo milk.

Could it be Coca-Cola is just target-marketing the milk in Yellowstone? I frequently see visitors snapping roadside pictures of the buffalo, some are really hard core and sport very expensive cameras with telephoto lenses. Perhaps Coca-Cola is target-marketing those folks? Coca-Cola is just taking it one step further, seeing if the buffalo aficionados drink up buffalo milk as much as they drink up opportunities to take their pictures?

If so, there must be other venting machines sprinkled around the Park, perhaps selling other kinds of milk? Bear milk? Moose milk? Elk milk? Sheep milk? The list goes on and on. I'd hate to have the job of milking a bear. I bet that milk drink is the most expensive of the bunch.

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