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Burlington, Vermont

Friday, October 1, 2004

Ever get a hankering for some fresh worms? Maybe wash it all down with a cola or perhaps fresh spring water? Well if you're palette has been piqued, just mosey on down to the Wal-Mart near Burlington, VT to get your wiggler fix. There you'll find this vending machine that sells live bait, and in this case, earthworms. For a paltry $2.75 you can get a large Styrofoam cup of 12 chilled, live worms. And we aren't talking about the regular worms, no, these are PREMUIM night crawlers!!!

The vending machine had 5 additional selections but were not in use. I wondered what other kind of bait they could sell, maybe fish eggs, minnows, how about squid? I think it would be funny to fill the empty selections with products such as Pepto-Bismo, Alka-Selser, and Tums. How about Certs for those folks who don't want worm-breath?

Click here for detail (and pictures) of my worm rescue attempt.

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