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New Orleans, Louisiana

Friday, November 12, 2004

While browsing the merchandise at the outdoor French Market in New Orleans, LA, I spy a baby alligator head mixed in with an assortment of other interesting items. This item, however, proves to be the most interesting to me. What is the function of it? A can opener? No. A letter opener? Nope. How about a pencil sharpener? Wrong again. A gaudy desk ornament that's destined for the waste basket, or better yet, used as a white elephant gift? Well, I think I'm getting warmer, maybe even hot.

I've seen alligator heads for sale before. It's usually always alligator heads. So, how about cat or dog heads? Too upsetting because they're kept as pets. Cow, horse or pig heads? Too big. Rat or mouse heads? Too gross. Human heads? Well, that's pretty disturbing. Hey, I had Uncle Frank's head mounted over the fireplace! I mean Uncle Frank is dead, so, what does it matter!?!

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