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Northeastern Washington State

Monday, July 19, 2004

Park: #2

Established: 1968

Acres: 684,302

Annual Budget: $5,911,000 (FY 2004)

Visitation: 347,907 (FY 2004)

Highlights: Deep valleys, jagged peaks, cascading waterfalls, over 700 glaciers

Location: North Cascades National Park

Hours: Open all year but access is limited during the winter season, more.

Phone: 360-856-5700

Fees: NW Forest Pass - $5 daily, $30 annual, more.


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Established in 1968, North Cascades National Park Complex is a hidden jewel of sorts. Frequently overshadowed by more popular parks like Mount Rainier, North Cascades offers an intense and rugged beauty, catering primarily to those folks who wish to take the road less traveled. The park is generally mountainous with some peaks reaching over 8000 feet in height. Ross Lake and Diablo Lake fill the valleys with emerald green waters, the color a result of light-effects on water suspended silt.

In my travels, I more or less stumbled upon this national park beauty. While passing through on my way to Spokane, WA, I found myself mesmerized by its soaring, jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterworks, and 700+ glaciers.

Jump in the van with me as I drive through this spectacular national park.

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