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Northwestern Wyoming

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Park: #5

Established: 1950

Acres: 309,995

Annual Budget: $9,351,000 (FY 2004)

Visitation: 2,466,543 (FY 2003)

Highlights: Grand Teton Range, 7 morainal lakes, 100 alpine lakes, 300 bird species

Location: Grand Teton National Park

Phone: 307-739-3300

Fees: $20 (7 days), $40 (annual); Allows entrance to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Hours: Open year round


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Located just south of Yellowstone National Park in the northwestern corner of Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park's central feature is its 40 mile long Teton Range. 8 peaks in the range top out at over 12,000 feet, with the highest, of course, being Grand Teton, measuring in at a whopping 13,770 feet. Water is everywhere in the Tetons. Along the base of the Grand Teton Range you'll find 7 morainal lakes. For more secluded water experiences, you can hike deep into the backcountry and visit the park's 100+ alpine lakes, if so desired.

The park supports a variety of large animals including black bear, bison, moose, elk, pronghorn, and mule deer. Grizzly bears are present too and have been occasionally observed in the northern confines of the park. Bald eagles and peregrine falcons are two of the more that 300 species of birds that can be observed at Grand Teton.

Funny factoid. The Grand Tetons got their name from early French trappers of the Hudson Bay Company who called them "Les Trois Teton" or "Three Tits". Looking at the mountains myself, I couldn't quite grasp what they were seeing. Maybe they were on the trail too long and overdue for some female affection? I'm just thankful the same trappers didn't stumble upon the Grand Canyon in their travels.

My visit to the park took place on the saddle of my road bike. The day was a gloomy one but the rain held back and I was able to complete my 47 mile round trip ride to Signal Mountain.

I'm all saddled up and I've got an extra bike for you! So come on, jump on and let's ride!

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