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Northern Indiana

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Park: #7

Established: 1966

Acres: 15,060

Annual Budget: $7,150,000 (FY 2004)

Visitation: 1,916,641 (FY 2003)

Highlights: 25 mile shoreline, sand dunes, beaches, wetlands, bog, woodland forests

Location: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Hours: Open year round, more.

Phone: 307-344-7381

Fee: $20 per car, $10 per pedestrian, more.


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The dunelands of southern Lake Michigan are renowned for stretches of uncrowded beaches, bird-filled marshes, oak and maple forests, and towering dunes. Shoreline sand dunes are created when wind blowing off Lake Michigan lifts grains of sand and transports them inland until plants and hills slow the wind and it drops its cargo. The National Lakeshore is nearly 25 miles long and supports a variety of interesting plants and animals.

My time spent at the lakeshore was used to play catch-up on my travel writing. I was a bit behind and needed to stay put for a while, and what better place to hang than at the beach!

Kick off your shoes and join me for a little lakeshore beach tour.

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