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Seattle, Washington

Monday, July 12, 2004

Winding down from a busy day of touring downtown Seattle on my mountain bike, I stepped into the Hopvine for a brew and some great live music whilst updating my website via laptop. While feverishly working away on the laptop Ted appeared on the scene and asked me if I was "connected". No, he wasn't wondering if I was single, rather he was wondering if I was connected to the internet wirelessly. I said no and from that point we chatted for a while.

Ted turned out to be a rather funny and animated person, an interesting conversationalist indeed. We shared a common thread of beer, live music (Hopvine is his favorite bar), computers and pets. He is a System Administrator for Puget Sound Energy, babysitting servers and stuff, mostly Windows and some Linux, and has 4 dogs, 4 finches, 4 betas, 1 cat, and a 90 gallon saltwater Reef Tank. Ted and his girlfriend of 9 years spend a lot of time watching the fish tank (probably a better alternative to TV) and taking care of it. He said it's a fun but expensive, time consuming, and addicting hobby. He told me he doesn't recommend owning 4 dogs however, it's complete insanity at his house! They are all Labs too, which means they're not small and they're hyper. But his love for the furry beasts inspired him to name his website after one of them (

Soccer is a passion for Ted and his girlfriend, they play 2 to 3 times a week. They also spend a lot of time working on the house they bought 2 years ago. Being a logical computer guy, the art of construction must come easy to him. Last year he added a 11x11 patio and a 16x20 deck and is skilled in floor tiling and window installation.

Ted wanted to use a baby picture for his writeup and I'm holding him to it, just waiting for him to scan it and email it to me.

Thanks for the visit Ted!

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