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Vancouver, British Columbia

Friday, July 16, 2004

While walking around downtown Vancouver BC I met Monica on the sidewalk, she was providing palm reading and tarot card services from a card table. She has a shop across the way and likes to set up shop on the sidewalk to help advertise her services. She has been in the business for 8 years (since she was 13) and told me she is the 6th generation to provide such services.

I've never had my palm or tarot cards read before but figured my time was due. This trip of mine is partially about self-analysis so I figured why not enlist the help of Monica. She was a little hesitant at first to let me snap a picture of her (past bad experiences) but let me after we chatted and I gave her my business card advertising my website. I decided to go with the tarot card reading because it provides more detail than the palm reading.

I was told to shuffle the tarot card deck and select 10 cards. The 10 cards were good ones (no devils or demons) and indicated a number of things about me. First I will live a long, healthy life and in the end I will find peace. I have an old spirit that gives me the fortitude to handle adversity alone, I'm a very independent soul. I will not be rich but rather economically comfortable, this'll happen because of good saving habits. I have to watch who I tell my secrets to because people are talking about me behind my back. There is a move for me in the near future and I have a healthy, positive aura.

Funny thing is of all the 10 cards I pulled, nothing spoke of love relationships. So I had to pull 2 more cards from the deck and one of them was the soulmate card. Apparently in the past a soulmate crossed my path but I failed to recognize her as such. Since I didn't pull anything about a love relationship in the first 10 cards, that indicates a current negativity about the love relationship aspect of my life. So no time soon will I be hooking up into anything serious, seems my focus is about freedom and adventure. Hmmmmm, that's what my trip is about, seems like I'm on track!

In all the self-analysis I neglected to ask Monica where she's traveled to and what places in the future she'd like to visit. If you read this Monica, please email me this information, as well as anything else you'd like me to say about you in this profile.

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