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Naples, Idaho & Alberta, Canada

Monday, July 26, 2004

On the Gold Hill North Trail near Sandpoint, ID I ran into Katie and Ron. They were on a rest break on their way up while I was on my way down, all jacked up from the thrill of some fast downhill singletrack action. They were sporting some pretty sweet full suspension rides ("boing, boings in mountain bike lingo) while in the background my ride sulked after being called a "hard tail" by my new acquaintances. But I didn't mind, they were comparing me to Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, Captain America was a "hard tail" ya know. It was a compliment, I was in good company!

Katie & Ron were acquaintances themselves. Ron was in town on vacation from Alberta Canada with the family and Katie from Naples, ID was in the area seeking some biking adventure. Apparently they hooked up with some roadies (slang for road bikers) but they were the only folks riding mountain bikes, everyone else had a road bikes. So as I understand it, they rode with the group for a while but broke off at the start of the trailhead and headed up hill and into my life.

They reminisced about bike injuries. Ron was kidding about catching some whoop-ass from his better half if he hurt himself on vacation mountain biking. In the past he's broken a collar bone and some ribs. Katie piped in and told me about doing a superwoman (slang for a woman flying over the handlebars when the bike suddenly stops but you don't) less than 2 weeks prior and hurting her ribs. She pondered whether or not she broke anything because they still hurt her. But being the tought biker that she is, she forged ahead with a bike ride on this beautiful, sunny day.

Before departing Katie asked me to mention she and a couple other folks just formed a local biking club called the Pondaray (spell?) Peddlers. Not sure if they have a website yet. But with Katie's enthusiasm and passion for cycling, I'm sure it'll be a success. Good luck.

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