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Bozeman, Montana

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

I met Bud at Montana Grizzly Encounters, a grizzly bear exhibit located off I-90 near Chestnut, MT. At the gate I was told to talk to Bud if I had any questions. Bud turned out to be the Exhibit's Curator and resident jack-of-all-trades. After looking over the impressive exhibit I asked him about their breeding policies and from there Bud proved to be a walking, talking encyclopedia of bear information.

Apparently he stumbled onto the position. He was working with the concrete contractor who ended up not finishing the job. Bud pulled a Superman and saved the day, stepped in and not only finished the concrete job, he also pretty much designed and built the whole mini-ecosystem for the bears. From there he stayed on as Curator.

Originally from Iowa, Bud moved out to Montana in 1995. In the past he's worked many jobs including long-haul trucking and carnival setup and ride operation. He's traveled all over the country and when asked where he'd like to travel in the future he told me he wants to just stay put in Montana. He loves Montana even tough it only has 3 seasons which he humorously described as "last winter, this winter, and next winter". One dream of his is to retire somewhere deep in the Montana mountains and live off the land.

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