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Saskatchewan, Canada

Saturday, August 7, 2004

I had the great fortune of meeting Dave and Jana atop Sepulcher Mountain in Yellowstone National Park. I noticed the couple had been following me as I cresting the mountain top, they were about a 1/4 mile behind.

Once at the top I reviewed the trail information I had brought along and immediately determined it failed to match what I was seeing, so I wandered around a bit, searching in vain for any remnants of the trail as it supposedly turned south. Having failed to find the trail, I walked over to the couple who were then sitting and enjoying the view.

That's when I met Dave and Jana from Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. After inquiring about the trail, it appeared we both weren't sure about where it disappeared to. We decided to team-up and make an attempt at finding the lost trail. During our hike down, I learned the couple, having met in college, had been married for 5 years. Jana told me there was an instant connection between the two of them when they met and that same chemistry is still going strong today.

Jana has been a grade school teacher for a while and this coming year will be teaching 2nd and 3rd graders instead of her usual 7th graders. She quipped she'd have to reign in her sarcasm now that's she'll be working with younger children. Dave, on the other hand, has gone back to school to get a degree in teaching and he'll finish his studies in less than a year. The couple wants to teach abroad and are flexible as to where they will go. Jana said she would like to travel to India someday so perhaps, with a little luck, they'll land some work there.

Dave and Jana have extensively traveled America's west coast and parts of Canada. They were on their way to Utah when I met them to try their hand (and feet) at a sport called canyoneering. That's the sport where you traverse very narrow rock formations and may climb as high as a hundred feet.

Someday they would like to travel to India and ... you know, so much time has elapsed since I met them. Dave & Jana, please email me your travel wish list so I can update this profile.

I really liked Dave & Jana, too bad I won't have another opportunity to hike with them. Maybe we can stay in touch through the internet, I'd like to find out where in the world they eventually find work.

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