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Olympia, Washington

Monday, August 16, 2004

I ran into this motley crew in a small town park in Cody, WY. I was in the park when they arrived and after settling in they really started whooping it up down the way. I actually laughed a few times at what they were saying, being close enough to be within ear-shot and them being loud enough to be easily heard.

I actually met Marc first as he was returning from the public restroom. Thinking he was a local, I asked him about the Cody Nite Rodeo, where to buy tickets and where the rodeo arena was. He told me all I needed to know and after exchanging names he went on his way, back to the rowdy party.

When I was leaving the park, I drove by their pickup truck and noticed there was writing all over it (WARNING: if easily offended, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK). In black marker magic someone or perhaps many people had penned various quotes and prose. Now that seemed interesting to me, so I went to over to investigate and get the full story on this odd happenstance.

That's when I met the whole crew. Kevin, Chris and Marc were from Olympia, WA, passing through on their way to Key West, FL. Kristie was a local who was just hanging out for the day. There were a couple of other local folks who were hanging out as well but I wasn't introduced.

Seems Kevin, Chris and Marc were homeless, Kevin for 1 year and Chris and Marc (brothers) for 8 months. Chris told me opportunity was knocking in Key West for them all. His Uncle owns a charter boat in need of a captain. Idle for the past 8 months, the three of them were going to go down to Florida to make a go of it in the charter boat business. When I asked Chris about Hurricane Charlie and what impact it had on the Keys, Chris said he heard about the hurricane but didn't want to know all the details, he just wanted to get down there and get to business. I hope for his sake and the other two that the Uncle's boat is still in one piece. I think they don't want to know because if by chance the boat was lost, they would have to cut their adventure short, knowing the opportunity was no longer there for them.

For fun and to pass their time in Cody, the three of them as well as some of the locals would hold "FREE TO GOOD HOME" signs at one of Cody's busy intersections. The sign is hard to read in the picture but I says: 1) House Broke, 2) Plays Well With ...?, 3) Enjoys Hard Play, 4) Low Miles, 5) .... after that, I can't read any more, sorry. All in all they were just having a fun time. Apparently their antics was getting a lot of attention. Many folks would take pictures and some would even sign their truck.

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