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L A K E   C H A M P L A I N   F E R R I E S

Monday, September 27, 2004

Sight: #15

Route: Burlington-Port Kent Ferry Route

Hours: Open year round

Admission: $14.75 one way, $27.00 round trip - car and driver, add more for passengers

Phone: 802-864-9804



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Need to get across Lake Champlain? Well, look no further, Lake Champlain Ferries is at the ready to assist you with your lakewater crossing. Offering three convenient crossings, the company provides passage from Plattsburgh, NY to Grand Ise, VT, from Port Kent, NY to Burlington, VT, from Essex, NY to Charlotte, VT, all from the comfort of your vehicle. Don't wish to sit in the car? Well, just mosey on up to the ferry's second floor for enclosed comfort and edible refreshments.

I'm ready to cross the lake, just sitting here in the van, waiting patiently in line for the next ferry to arrive. Come on, jump in and cross the lake with me!

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National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC
Sea Nettle, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA
Polar Bear, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA
Big Sur, CA
Pack Horse, Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon, AZ
Geese near Flower Lake, Saranac Lake, NY
Somewhere in Central Colorado
Vietnam Woman’s Memorial, Washington, DC
Bizarre Bicycle, Pacific Peach, CA
Indian Petroglyph, Petrified National Forest, AZ
Colorado River, Moab, UT
1000 Year Old Pueblo, Taos Pueblo, NM
Buffalo near Grand Tetons, WY
Somewhere in Central Colorado