T R I P   J O U R N A L

W E E K   # 6


Another day of travel writing in Jackson. I escape from its grip, if only for a little while, to watch a fun and action-packed street performance that takes place at town center.

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TRAVEL WRITING DAY - Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My day is filled with great fun and adventure, if only in the events relived, as I while away the day travel writing. Sorry, no traveling or sightseeing today.

TRAVEL WRITING DAY - Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Sorry, another day of travel writing, no sightseeing today. Well, actually there is plenty of sightseeing going on, I see a laptop, a sink, a bed, a swingout table, a steering wheel, hey, wait, I'm in my van! Ha! I guess that would make for really bad travel writing!

GRAND TETON SUNSET - Thursday, August 12, 2004

After a full day of travel writing I break for the day. Not surprisingly, after three solid days of travel writing, I've come down with a serious case of van fever (aka cabin fever). I'm feeling the urge to bust out, to get me some good ole fashioned outdoor exercise ASAP! For days now, the hills surrounding Jackson have been calling to me to climb them. Today, I'm finding myself sufficiently weakened to the point where I finally relent to the their persuasion. I decide to catch a Grand Teton Sunset from atop one of the hill's lofty heights.

I patiently wait as evening approaches. With less that an hour to go before sunset, I drive out to one of the loftier hills (900+ feet tall) and make my way up to the top, sweating and toiling all the way. I manage to time my surmount perfectly with the sunset and successfully capture a number of nice shots.

After the sunset, I stumble my way back down the hill in the dark, praying I won't fall or turn an ankle. I make it back to the van in one piece, drive back to Jackson, settle into a street camping spot, wash up from the hike, then retire for the evening.

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TRAVEL WRITING DAY - Friday, August 13, 2004

Yet another full day of travel writing, ho hum, no traveling or sightseeing. But, I have some great news... My travel writing is ALL CAUGHT UP!!! I have been hereby released to seek new adventure!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN!!! - Saturday, August 14, 2004

I'm back in the saddle again!!! After 2 long weeks of not biking, I finally hit the singletrack trail once again. Today the plan is to mountain bike Shadow Mountain, located right smack in front of the Grand Tetons. From Jackson, Wyoming I drive north to the trailhead. On the way I take some great shots of the Teton Range and save a damsel in distress, Lindsay, from possible doom from grazing buffalo.

Interestingly enough, Lindsay is heading to the same trailhead to do some mountain biking as well. Both realizing our common intentions, we decide to venture up the trail to Shadow Mountain together. The bike up was a bit steep but scenic. At the top we score heightened views of the surrounding wilderness atop a fire observation deck.

After the ride, Lindsay kindly invites me to have dinner with her. I round out the evening at a multi-million dollar estate with views of the Tetons, right from the livingroom window!!!

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THE GRAND TETONS - Sunday, August 15, 2004

Today I'm itching to go on a long road bike. Talking with Lindsay the night before, she informs me of a really nice bike ride to Signal Mountain. The route runs just east of the Grand Tetons, promising ample opportunities for many Kodak... er... Nikon moments.

I depart on my ride late in the morning. The weather is threatening rain, so I pack my rain gear and say a little prayer, an Indian anti-rain dance of sorts. All told, the ride takes me close to 50 miles, and in the process I experience no rain (yea!) and grand views of the Tetons. The ride up Signal Mountain is a doozy, but with a little determination and grit, I make it to the top in short order.

Upon completion of my bike ride, I jump in the van and head to Cody, Wyoming. Getting there takes me back through Yellowstone National Park. Unfortunately, night sets as I make my way through the eastern reaches of the park. Too bad, the elevation gains and losses I experience during the drive signal interesting but hidden terrain.

1:30am rolls around and I finally reach Cody, Wyoming. I immediately park the van, jump into bed, and quickly drift off into deep sleep.

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Avid Photographer, Public Garden, Boston, MA
Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
Sunning Sea Lion, Monterey, CA
Somewhere in Central Utah
Iron Ore Meteorite Fragment, Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, AZ
Mall of America, Minneapolis, IL
Lake Placid from Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington, NY
Bus Bench, Denver, CO
Central Oregon Coast
York Habor, ME
Colorful Chairs, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, Waterbury, VT
Ceremonial Dance, Indian Petroglyph, Moab, UT
Totem Pole, Monument Valley, AZ
Nightime Snowstorm Aftermath, Avon, CO