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Saturday, August 14, 2004

I woke to a new day, it was time to leave Jackson Hole, WY and seek new adventure. Having been cooped up in Jackson for almost a week playing catch-up on my travel writing, it was good to be all caught-up and leaving (sorry, no offense Jackson).

I first took a little walk around the neighborhood I was staying in. Up in the hills I could see the ski resort. Jackson must be quite a busy place in the winter season, since skiing is their biggest draw.

As I walked, I could see one of the Grand Tetons peaking over the distant hills, it was calling to me. Today was going to be a bike riding day. It would feel good to be back in the saddle again, having not biked for a long 2 weeks. The day's bike ride would take me up Shadow Mountain, a 8.9 mile loop on gravel road, double and singletack trails. I picked it because to the west the view of the Grand Tetons was promised to be spectacular.

I've been trying to get some upper-body workout in lately, I've been missing my regular visits to the gym. So now I try to hit the deck every morning for some push-ups.

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