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Friday, September 3, 2004

I spent the entire morning at my campsite travel writing. Since yesterday was my last overnight I had to leave my campsite before noon (campground rules).

So shortly before noon I drove down the road and parked in the public parking lot of Central Beach. I found a great shade tree to park under and continued on with my travel writing until around 7pm.

I then hit the road and headed east to Ohio, destination Cedar Point Amusement Park. The plan was to spend the evening somewhere close to the park, then tour the park on Saturday. The drive was uneventful, actually it was really boring. Nothing worth taking a picture of. I ended up overnighting at the Interstate Service Area near Sandusky, OH. The parking lot where I parked was fully lit but was a safe place to overnight. I didn't see any signs saying car-camping was not allowed so I settled in for the evening.

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