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Thursday, October 21, 2004

I wake to a cold and overcast morning. I'm rather sore right now from all the walking and running (to feed the parking meter) I did yesterday in Boston. My right foot is now starting to bother me, protesting the abuse I've subjected it to. So much so, the skin between my big toe and the next one down is cracking, ouch!

I venture outside for a little stretching, maybe that'll make my legs a little less stiff. Heeeey! What's this? Did Duncan pee on my wheel? I didn't know stuffed animals could do such a thing...

Well, if truth be told, I'm the culprit. No, I didn't pee on the wheel, I poured water on it. Why? To see if the screw that is stuck in my tire has caused a leak. If leaking, bubbles will form from the escaping air. No, no bubbles, so I slowly remove the screw. The screw is removed and still no bubbles, it was just a flesh wound. Life is good!

Today I have plans to travel the full length of Cape Cod, it'll be a regular out-and-back driving affair. I've never been to the cape before, but I've heard it's one of those must-see places if you ever find yourself traveling in Massachusetts.

I'm ready to tour Cape Cod now. Come with me if you wish, the cape has so many great things to offer! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Click here for more detail and pictures of my tour of Cape Cod.

After touring Cape Cod I drive to the Wal-Mart in Falmouth, MA and settle in for the evening. Before retiring to bed, I decide to work on the website for a little while. As I start to relax, I soon realize just how much the last two days of sightseeing have impacted my now unhappy feet. Tomorrow I need to seek out a mellow venue, maybe I'll just hang out in the van and work on the website.

Just before going to bed, I hear a pickup truck racing around in the parking lot. I notice he's driving erratically, turning everywhich way, and my curiosity is piqued. I watch him for a while, and am rather shocked at what is transpiring. The dude is actively engaged in the sport of shopping cart crashing. This is what he does. He finds a stray cart in the parking lot, grabs hold of it while sitting in his pickup, finds a long stretch of empty parking lot, then proceeds to speed up, with cart in tow. After gaining a bit of speed, he releases the cart into the curb, resulting in a tumultuous crash. This is certainly a mishap in the making. Tomorrow morning I'll investigate the cart carnage. I'm just glad the idiot isn't running any of the carts into my van!

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