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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Today was primarily a driving day. I would be passing through Bighorn National Forest on my way to Devils Tower National Monument.

I arrived the previous evening in the dark so I really had no clue what the surrounding scenery would look like. During the night the wind was somewhat blustery, at times shaking the van with, short, powerful bursts. So that told me it was a pretty wide open space. I discovered I was right when I exited the van for my morning stretch.

The day was kinda gloomy and overcast, but cool. The kind of weather that's nice when cooped up in a van. Too hot and you can't get cool. But when it's cool, you can always throw on another layer of clothing to keep warm.

This was definitely high desert. The plants were sparse and pretty minimalistic. I was surprised anything was growing here, it was so dusty and dry.

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