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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My day started in a cow pasture a few miles from Devils Tower National Monument. It turned out to be nothing special other than being nice and secluded. As you can see, I scribbled out my van's URL dirt sign. The previous day, when driving around Sheridan, WY in search of an internet connection, I noticed people looking at the van and I didn't like the feeling. Having that level of visibility is especially bad when "slinking" around neighborhoods, driving slowly from house to house, street to street, sniffing out wireless internet signals.

Before heading out to the Monument, I decided to work on the website for a few hours. Pickup truck traffic could be seen passing buy but they didn't stop to bother me, seemed no one cared that I was trespassing. But there were no signs posted so...

So 11am rolls around and I see this tractor-trailer pull into view. Upon the trailer were piled bundles of straw, all rolled up tight-like in cylinders. Shortly thereafter a green tractor with a specialized jaw pulls up to my van and just sits there. I'm sitting in the van in plain view, my privacy curtain is pulled open, and I'm just typing away on my laptop.

Well I wasn't going to get out of the van, I was busy. So the tractor starts moving again and pulls up alongside the double-side doors. I think, I'm not getting out of the van, I'm busy. After about a minute or so, the tractor pulls around the back and to the other side of the van. I started thinking, "Is he was trying to figure out how to connect his jaws to the van so he could flip it?"...yeah, I'm just paranoid. In any event, either the driver couldn't figure out how to flip the van or decided I was harmless so he went on his way over to the semi and started unloading the straw cylinders.

I took that as an offensive warning/action on his part and split shortly thereafter. Glad I didn't have to record my flipped van as my seventh mishap of the trip. But it would have been funny...sorta...

On my way out to the paved road, I spied Devils Tower in the distance.

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