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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Well all good things come to an end and I found myself at the end of Greg's driveway getting ready to hit the road once again. My evening's destination? Wisconsin!!! Greg told me about two places of interest in Wisconsin. After hearing about them I decided to hit them both on my way to Chicago.

Before leaving Minneapolis I swung by the Mall of America, America's largest mall. The mall itself is a regular Monument to Capitalism. It's a pretty incredible place.

Click here for more detail (and pictures) of my visit to the Mall of America.

After I finished touring the mall I jumped in the van and headed due east to Wisconsin.

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Warriers, Indian Petroglyph, Moab, UT
High Desert outside of Cody, WY
The Whitehouse, Washington, DC
Cemetery, North Parsonsfield, ME
Colorado River, Moab, UT
Oil Pump, Somewhere in West Texas
Arches National Park, Moab, UT
Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, AZ
Big Sur, CA
Beale Street, Memphis, TN
Vietnam Woman’s Memorial, Washington, DC
Moonwalk, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
Winooski River near Montpelier, VT
Gemini IV, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC