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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nestled deep within a lush, green jungle, I wake to the sun's early rays, which grace the rough and tumble waters of a most glorious waterfall.

Yeah, right... I wake late, the sun has been up for hours, and I'm greeted with a view of multiple tractor-trailers. Well, at least there are bananas in this asphalt jungle, albeit oversized and

Today's plan is to drive to Washington, DC, or thereabouts. With all the paranoia about terrists and the like, I doubt I'll actually street camp in DC, most likely I'll find a spot somewhere in Maryland.

As with all interstate driving, it's really, really boring.

I reach the entrance to the NJ Turnpike, grab my ticket, drive a good measure of distance that isn't worth a single picture, then reach the end of the line where I pay my $6.45 toll.

Under way again after paying my toll, in the distance I spy an enormous bridge.

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