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Thursday, November 4, 2004

The time finally arrives to push away from the dock and set sail to Kentucky. Kentucky is the home to Mammoth Cave National Park, my next sightseeing destination.

Uncle Donald, looking all dapper for another day at the office, says goodbye. It was great fun hanging with him these past 4 days. It's always good to reconnect with your loved-ones, especially so if they live on the other side of the country!

My drive today is going to be a really long one. My intentions are to drive through NC's western reaches, bisect TN, then eventually land somewhere south of Mammoth Caves. The clock reads 10am when I finally hit the road.

Today is a rather depressing day. The overcast sky is doing well in its efforts to keep the sun at bay. I too am feeling a bit down. Not sure why, maybe just the thought of how long I'll be alone on the road from here on out. This stretch of my trip, from NC to Denver, CO, (via TN,KY,MS,LA,TX,NM) will be a long haul, filled with many unfamiliar faces.

The drive starts out on boring Interstate 40. It really starts to rain about an hour into my trip, hard enough to require the "fast" mode on the windshield wipers. I suppose, if I'm stuck driving the Interstate, at least things are complementing each other. The crummy weather is matching the crummy scenery. Ha! Throw in my crummy mood and I think we have a quorum!

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Sunning Sea Lion, Monterey, CA
A Syncline Thrust Fault, Bighorn National Forest, WY
Glacier National Park, Logan Pass
Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC
Great Smoky Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
Bed and Breakfast, Brewster, MA
Central Beach, Indiana Dune National Lakeshore
Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
Great Smoky Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
Echo Lake, Acadia National Park, ME
Sunset Sky near Medina, NY
Colorful Chairs, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, Waterbury, VT
Sunset, West Mitten Butte, Monument Valley, AZ
Glacier National Park